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Landlord Testimonals

I have a beautiful house and was nervous to rent it out. I must say that this company has made life so easy, found a great tenant & keep me updated throughout. Now that I am going overseas I can feel confident that I have people who really care about protecting my home.
Thanks so much

Darko, Caroline Springs

I can't remember my last agent's name, but that's part of the reason why I swapped to Investors Choice. The other company just took my money each month with no correspondence all year. Great service. Helpful, Friendly staff. Good contacts within the industry and local area.

Jeremy, Collingwood

Investors Choice amazed me with their very professional and thorough proposal for renting out my home. They provided evidence of the current rental market and explained why they came to the weekly figure for my property. They are very attentive and easy to approach. They take maintenance very seriously and ensure that repairs are carried out in a timely fashion. I would recommend Investors choice to anyone wanting outstanding property management.

Brett Harvie, Carlton North

My former agent Crompton and Green were useless and lost me a lot of money. Well, Investors Choice has always been customer focused and responded in a timely manner to e-mails.
I am very happy with their performance.

Ratnaike, Footscray

Ray White Real Estate did not pay much attention to what was going on with my property, very Poor communication & slow actioning so I switched companies. Investors Choice provide prompt correspondence and quick actioning. My property manager has been fantastic to deal with

Lusia, Tarneit

I left Elders Real Estate who weren't thorough enough about inspections, didn't listen to our requests and didn't implement them; seem to be slack regarding tenants exiting property. Seem to be looking after tenants' rights more than ours. Investors Choice have been friendly, polite, professional and efficient. So far you have listened to our requests and are supportive to both us and tenants. You keep us informed which is appreciated.

Noel, Point Cook

Very professional, no BS and no drama's. These guys are much better than my previous place.

Chris & Mary, Hoppers Crossing

Overall it has been excellent. From the initial discussion about transferring the management of my property across to the ongoing management I cannot fault it. I find the communication is good as if there are any issues, or even potential issues, with my property I am contacted promptly and find the monthly written market updates and great way if keeping up dated on our investment outlook.

Michelle, Darwin

I just pretty much wanted to hire a property manager and forget about owning a rental property. Could not be happier with how things are going.

Mark, Sunshine

We now have three properties with Investors Choice and that probably sums it up.
They do not mess us around and always do what they say. I was a property manager for 6 years so I really know good from bad. I don't have any negatives to mention about investors choice.

Pauline & Robert, Deer Park

This is our first rental property and we had no idea about property management and we were worried about dealing with real estate people.
Everything was well explained and down to earth. We now have a lot of trust in this company, which is not how we expected our real estate experience to be.

Yda & Kit, Glen Waverly

Fantastic prompt professional service.

Matthew, Point Cook

Exceptional service - expert knowledge, great turnaround times, appealing on-line advertisement. I got new tenants after just one inspection. Thanks - I'll be back for sure.

Marc, Hawthorn

First time landlord and think I got lucly picking these guys. I have not had any thing go wrong or cause me issues. Not sure how they compare to others, but I am happy.

Tristan, Tarneit

We just brought all our rental properties across to these guys after trying them for 6 months with one property. Hopefully now we can relax and try to forget about being landlords.

Luis and Marcy, Williamstown

Sweet deal with this company. Saved a heap from last place and getting much better service.

David, Deer Park

Have not been with Investors Choice long but they rented out our property in one week and got more than I expected. Thumbs up.

Mel and Shane, Point Cook

We are pretty easy going about being landlords and just want to be kept informed and have things done that we are told will be done. Our property manager is so friendly and makes us feel important. Great company.

Phillip, Werribee

Landlords look no further for property management. The best I have experienced.

Lisa, Tarneit

I was paying extra fees everywhere. Saving about $200 a year and better service

Sunil, Point Cook

I have always experienced bad service with other agents because of property managers changing or leaving all the time. I have had the same, professional and friendly Property Manager since day one. These guys must look after their staff as well as they do their landlords.
I like it.

Manoj, Laverton

Tenants were selected and have been great. I receive rent on time, every time. Nothing more to say.

Jarred and Marg, Lara

My property manager is great to deal with. I never feel like any request or instruction is a problem and it is always handled fast. I now have one less issue to worry about in my financial planning.

Dion, Melton

My friends recommended this company to me. I would now also recommend them after being with them for nearly 8 months. Great service

Bec, Yarraville

Having heard so many horror stories we were worried about getting someone to manage our property, especially since we now live in Sydney.
We had heard about this company and are glad we found them. We have complete confidence that our house is in good hands. These people really seem to care.

Ally and Nick, Sydney

Highly recommend. Very professional.

Ivan, Point Cook

We were sick of paying a heap of fees, like $4 to get an emailed monthly statement so we shopped around for a better deal. We have saved ourselves $280 a year moving to this company.

Alex and Peta, Hoppers Crossing

We live overseas and have always worried about our investment property and it's management. Thankfully, we now finally can forget about it and trust our agents.

Jemma and Hans, Your Home Suburb

I read an article on this company and they sounded good. A year into being a landlord of their's I am happy to now also recommend them. :)

Bella, Yarraville

Love your style guys. Real service and real people = Happy Landlords. Keep it up.

Paul and Steph, Deer Park

I was referred by my financial planner at central wealth, who you guys had worked with for some time. I am always careful of business referrals, but I now know there was no money involved in the referral.
I have really been happy with everything so far, especially how you got me more rent than I expected to get.

Vijay, Point Cook

Property management does not seem that difficult to me, so why is everyone so bad at it. Glad I finally found Investors Choice who do actually do a good job rather than just saying they will.

Ajay, Werribee

Just nice to have down to earth real estate people to deal with. Please don't change your approach.

Catherine, Newport

They save us money, got us good tenant and are friendly. Professional operators. well done

Sinar and Ashani, Dubai

I transferred to Investors Choice in Jan this Year. Transferring was easy and I can't believe how much better this company is. Wish I had of changed two years ago.

Gary, Sunshine

I would say that I am a demanding landlord and expect a lot from my property management. Like low fees, prompt action on maintenance and detailed inspection that are done every 6 months.
I put these guys to the test and they have been great. Don't give praise often but I will give these people and thumbs up.

Ally, Hobart

Highly recommend this business. Hassle free. :):)

Xavier, Altona Meadows

Easy to deal with and do what they say they will. I save about $150 a year now I am with icpm and am much happier with service.

Frans, Williamstown

Wish all our properties were within the area you guys manage.
It is so frustrating dealing with the agents of our other properties and we really appreciate your services.

Belinda , Caroline Springs

A+ Service. A+ Price

Keep it up and you will continue to have my business.

Raja, Point Cook

Over a year with you guys now and have been very impressed. My property manager is always friendly and happy to take my call. I feel like she really cares about keeping me informed and looking after my property.

Neil, Laverton

Was having heaps of problems with previous agent before I transferred to Investors Choice. These guys took over the problems and got everything back on track in just two weeks. Wrapped with the service. Cheers

Ella and Richard, Werribee

Best property managers. big thumbs up.

Zac and Sam, Hoppers Crossing

I was referred by a friend. Good advice as I have seen a big improvement in the property management compared to my previous places.
I brought all my properties to this company and saved a lot of money too.
Happy Landlord

Simon, Springvale

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the excellent service

Marther and Garn, Altona

I went to tons of websites and these guys sounded the best by far. I gave them a go and have been very happy.

Ian , Williamstown

Last agent was giving us heaps of problems and I had totally lost trust. Property managers always changing, maintenance done without my permission or not done at all.
Everything got sorted out by these Investors Choice within two weeks of transferring to them. No problems in the 3 months since.

Jaylin and Kit, Brisbane

Heck of a job, it helps me relax about being a landlord knowing that my property manager actually cares about my house.
Great communication.

Shermaine, Caroline Springs

Was managing my own property and got sick of dealing with everything. Was hesitant going to an estate agent, but have been very happy and would highly recommend this company for someone in my situation

Maria, Hoppers Crossing

Investors Choice are great, easy to deal with and give me peace of mind.

Vedran, Altona Meadows

Our first Property Manager was from local Real Estate Agent - huge mistake. Non-stop problems. After talking to ICPM we changed over immediately. They understood our concerns and did everything you could possibly ask to fix all our problems and take away all our worries. New tenants are great and it's now been 9 months hassle free with ICPM. The people at Investors Choice are also fantastic. Thank-you - very happy Landlords.

Ken, Adelaide

They are great to deal with, highly recommended

Steven, Williamstown

ICPM You guys ROCK!
Have never had any of my rental properties on the market for more than 1 week. They always answer my phone calls first time and respond to my emails.
Lauren goes above and beyond any property manager I have ever dealt with. Definitely my super hero when it comes to managing my properties in Tarneit and Truganina!!

Heroly Chour, Liverpool, Sydney

I switched to ICPM from another agency 4 months ago and have so far found them to be professional with excellent quality of service. They are a very committed bunch of people who look after the landlords interests fairly. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you once again..

Darren, Point Cook

The customer service provided by the team (especially Lauren) was the best customer experience I have had with ANY real-estate agent in Australia. She was extremely helpful understanding and efficient in finding a tenant for my house. She always kept me updated in everything related to the investment property. Thanks a lot Lauren and keep up the good work.

Uditha, Tarneit

Do what they say they're going to do. Completely understand Landlords needs. No worries, hassle free Property Management Look after the Landlord as well as the tenant.

Ken, Tarneit

It is very pleasant to communicate with property manager always. My property has been taken care very well and I am updated on time with all questions and feedback from tenants. Also I am happy with associated professional repairs referred by the manager.

Sia, Maidstone

I have found ICPM to be nothing but professional in all my dealings with them and would recommend ICPM to anyone looking for a top notch a property manager.

David, South Melbourne

Investors Choice has looked after my property since it went on the market for rent. They are always on hand when I call and go out of their way to ensure things run smooth. Extremely satisfied with thier performance.

Adam, Thomastown

I am very happy with the service I receive at Investors Choice. They are friendly and extremely professional - not to mention very reasonable. I like that they are property management specialists as they take it very seriously - unlike real estate agents that only have PM on the side . Well done guys - keep up the good work

Brett, Carlton North

From our initial interview to changing over to ICPM all went well. The constant contact with email and information of our property inspections have been fantastic.

Paul and Linda, Tarneit

My grievance since the start was lack of communication with other property managers, just assumed that was industry standard- a poor service and communication. I was not very confident to change as I had made up my mind out of utterly poor service received that it's just the way industry works. To my relief I found ICPM was different and happy with Lauren our property manager. Have been with ICPM for a little over a month. No issue so far. Thank you

Anna, Geelong

Our property manager is very professional and approachable, and is a valuable go between for us and our tenant. I would be more likely to recommend if I lived in Australia

Jane, London

I have never had a problem with them. They are well organised and i feel my property is managed better than it has ever been

Simon, Melbourne

I am a tough landlord when it comes to dealing with real estate agents. This has always been my approach because I felt it was the only way to get my property manager to do a good job. Thankfully, I finally have a company that I don't need to keep track of. They keep track of me. Big difference with this company and other I have had. Thanks

Damian, Glen Waverly

Investors Choice have over-delivered on the services they have offered. Prompt action and communication, proactive approach on all aspects of property management.

Ivan, Footscray

I'm very happy with great customer service of the ICPM staff, professional and high level of dedication. Thank you.

Thanh, Clayton

I am only a new customer of ICPM but so far I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and friendly service provided by Lauren. I highly recommend anyone landlord looking for an agent to consider ICPM as your agent.

Russ, Werribee

Great service. Fast and effective results.

Tara and Michael, Altona

It was so easy to switch from another property manager to ICPM. ICPM keeps me informed, and answers my queries quickly. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jamin & Darran, Cairns

Investors Choice have been totally professional, show attention to detail and give prompt and concise feedback on all issues concerning my property. Friendly staff and always contactable. 10 out of 10.

Shane, St Kilda

Quick and efficient in your service. Seems to be due to the fact that you dedicate your time solely to property management. I'm very pleased!

Jeromy & Cecilia, Forrest Hill

Investors Choice Property Management have been superb! Their customer service is great and the Process from finding a tenant to renting has been a pleasure! I would recommend anyone wanting there property managed to use Investors Choice. Well done guys!

Daniel, Darwin

I have always found Investors choice prompt with all correspondence required between our tenants and us as landlords. Investors Choice take care in re-reviewing carefully who they tenant our property with to make sure we get the best tenants possible.

Jenny, Hoppers Crossing

Our property manager has been an absolute delight right from initial introduction, through open inspections in locating a tenant to providing monthly rental income invoices.

Matt, Truganina

Since I've been with Investors Choice property management, being a landlord has been worry free. Everything gets taken care of in prompt fashion and at very reasonable fee levels.

Nathan, Sanctuary Lakes

Despite the tyranny of distance (living in Brisbane) our property manager continues to give excellent service as well as friendly, professional advice to my husband and I. Bob and I would have no hesitation recommending ICPM to our friends and family. Well done

Christine and Bo, Manly

Very happy with the professionalism

Vlad, Wyndham Vale

Although I haven't been with you very long I've found a big improvement over my previous agents, particularly in communication and attention to detail.

Alison, Surry Hills

I bought my investment home with tenants with minimum knowledge and given the Property Management to Investors choice and I found the property manager working organized, explaining issues properly, respond to emails and phones and they found in the beginning that the tenant was not paying the rent properly to previous Property Manager. Investors Choice is working hard to get the tenant on track and I can see that things are progressing well. I always go with my current property manager if I buy another investment property.

Tissen and Deepa, Mooroolbark

Investors Choice Property Management is constantly one step ahead of us all the time. They are awlays proactive and I know that they always take on board where we are at and what we are doing. They have made growing our wealth sooo much easier. Thanks So Much

Rebecca & Steven, Hoppers Crossing

Good people

Peter and Chun, Point Cook

My brand new investment property in Point Cook was listed online within hours of signing up the contract with ICPM. I was continuously being informed about all potential tenants and inspections which helped me to rent out the property fairly quickly. Great job guys!!!

Dino, Geelong

After having been to a number of real estate agents over the past few years I have found Investors Choice to be efficient, reliable and easy to work with.

Tegan, Werribee

No problems or changes to suggest, you helped find me new tenants and you did that very well. Deal with one person the whole way through - not passed from person to person.

John, Sydney

ICPM have been perfect. Highly organised professional manager and always gets back to me very quickly. This never happened previously with the other agents I was with. Thanks

Jarrod and Jemma, Tarneit

Great overall experience, I would highly recommend ICPM. I like the way they have a process for everything and their rental payment systems have been flawless

Paul, Altona Meadows

I have three other agents for other properties and ICPM by far provides a better service. Other Property agents continually let me down and I always have to follow them up. Investors Choice is on top of everything and contacts me before I ever need to contact them. Extremely happy.

Monique & Luke, Caroline Springs

Down to earth and friendly. Nothing is too much hassle and they give the right advice at the right time to get better returns. Please continue doing what you are doing. Daniel

Daniel, Williamstown

ICPM have been by far the best property managers I have ever had. Their focus to customer service and deep knowledge on all things property management helps me sleep easy every night knowing that my property investment and tenants are being well looked after. Thanks

James, Sunshine West

Investors Choice Property Management were quick to find tenants to move into my property. Inspections are run regularly and to a high standard. The agent who photographed the property to use for advertising had a keen eye for detail. All matters regarding the tenants and the property are quickly addressed and there is an open line of communication.

Scott and Charma, Hoppers Crossing

Have been with two other agents in my few years as a landlord and I have finally found some people who are worth paying my fees too. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Michael, Altona

Very professional, thorough and most importantly friendly and helpful. You can't go wrong by using the team at ICPM, thank you and keep up the good work

Beppi and Narell, Somerset Tas

Investors Choice staff are friendly and reliable. I would happily recommend them!

John, St Albans

Swapped from Mc Naughton's. Not happy with the lack of communication and quality of service. So far very good .We have had various discussions about our needs as Landlords and have been happy with the results

Frances, Werribee

Extremely helpful, excellent communication, helpful information about my property and a new one just purchased. We left First National real estate and are much better off now.

Moira, Yarraville

The property manager was perfect. Always give quick response when I have any questions which support me a lot. Once she helped me to claim back from insurance company, the fund is of big amount, so she saved me financially. Great service, strongly recommended.

Chang, Ringwood

Extremely good work performed

Buddy, Perth

My last agent were Domain Charter Group. Poor management. Lazy and neglectful. Never kept me informed. Put in very bad tenants into my property. I have not been with Investors Choice for long, however my experience so far has been wonderful. I am currently in the middle of changing tenants and the experience has been a much smoother one than with my last company.

Francesca, Gold Coast

I have piece of mine knowing the property is being looked after.

Scott, Deer Park

Very happy, everything is taken care of in a professional and timely manner. Very friendly and a pleasure to deal with

Steve, Gisborne

I have had a great experience with Investors Choice. My property manager has been lovely.

David, Point Cook

Was with Sweeney. They did not respond to me, were confused about issues and generally unprofessional. I have been pleasantly surprised with Investors Choice's professionalism especially in dealing with problems. I had a problem previously and the manager contacted me directly. I have found the staff to be professional and approachable.

Christine, Geelong

Good communication, willingness to listen, respect and understanding, local market expertise and knowledge, good and reliable customer services that make the client feel being looked after.

Yan, Preston

Investors Choice have proven to be a very friendly, trouble free and active rental management agency. I have a number of rental properties, and ICPM appear to be the most geared toward understanding the needs of a property investor, and my experience with them has been a positive one.

Andrew, Newcastle

ICPM are definitely the most professional and organised agent I have dealt with. Since switching from Sweeney, I feel I am getting what I pay for. Whenever there is an issue ICPM deal with it promptly and to a high standard. I believe their inspection process is the most thorough on the market, making things clear and easy. I have happily referred two friends onto ICPM and both are experiencing the same customer service and great performance. Very happy with ICPM.

Daniel, Altona

Great communication and well informed and good follow-up response.

Darren, Hobart

Great people to deal with

Kaylee, Hoppers Crossing

I am very satisfied with Investor's Choice. It is a well organised business which delivers what it promises to deliver. The communication and turnaround time of queries is exceptional compared to my experience previously with another agency.

Steven, Taylors Hill

I left Hocking Stuart because of high turnover in staff and insufficient communication. So far so good with Investors Choice. They have been prompt in following up our requests with our tenants.

Nicole, Bacchus Marsh

My property manager keeps me up to date and am satisfied with performance compared to previous rental management

Keaton, Rye

So far I have had a really positive experience when dealing with Investors Choice. My PM has been terrific so far and has not required any prompting with any of the services I have required. Her professionalism and timely manner in responding to any incidences regarding my property appear consistent which gives me confidence I have found a great property manager. An example of this is of how flexible she was when I was looking to install secuirty doors in my property.

Joseph, Williams Landing

Investors Choice have been fantastic. Very easy proactive process for getting my place on the rental market and the ongoing management of the property. Mia has been great, proactive communication & prompt replies to emails & requests. You guys could not have made things any easier, it's been great :)

Lauren, Sydney

I left Bells Real Estate, Deep Park because: 1. Lack of communication, 2. Wrong expectations set for rental income at time of getting the Rental mgmt contract and then started adjusting the rent to meet the market. 3. Tenants were allowed to move out without proper property checks, missing fixtures discovered after the bond had been paid back. I recommend Investors Choice because: 1. Rental expectations were realistic and property was rented out quickly.
2. Prompt communication, 3. Property is checked regularly and photos send as proof that tenants are looking after the place.

Chandra, Wyndham Vale

Always keeps us up to date with whats happening with our property and the housing market. Very Happy.

Norma, Bendigo

Hocking Stewart was my previous agent, and I found there was no communication from them. I was trying to find a new tenant and my property manager had left the office and I wasn't notified and all my emails were going unanswered. Investors Choice has been great. Kept me up to date with all the applications and in the end was able to find me a great tenant :)

Kate, Mount Waverly

I switched from another agent to come to Investors Choice. I'm so happy that I did. It's so refreshing to work with an ethical real estate agent! Their team is great - always happy. Other agents I've dealt with - lucky to get a call back and when I actually got a hold of them, they were always so busy. I want to be with a company that looks after me and has time to manage my property. Highly recommended.

Michelle, Wyndham Vale

I transferred management over to Investors Choice after my previous agent couldn't find tenants for one of my investment properties for four weeks - within one week these guys had filled the property - with what seem to be quality tenants.
If you are having issues with your property manager I suggest giving these guys a go. I live in Western Australia but will be handing over both of my investment properties to these guys as the quality of service and value for money is second to none. Nice to have some peace of mind re my real estate investments for a change.

Jeremy, Wyndham Vale

I had left two other real estate agents before I joined Investors Choice. I normally don't write reviews, but these guys were so much better that I felt I should support them.
So nice to deal with a real estate business with such professional down to earth people.

Simon, Wyndham Vale


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